An Introduction and Overview

What is a campaign?

Think of campaigns as folders containing messages or interactions that comprise your course, internal training, communications, or follow-up program. Your "course" will often be referred to as a "campaign" and understanding this commonly used term within ConveYour is important. You often see "campaign" as a term used in the advertising world to refer to the entire set of messages directed at a target audience. Similarly, your campaign will be a complete package of your strategy to train or reach your audience within ConveYour's micro-learning environment.

Quick Interface Tour

When would I use a campaign?

Use a campaign when you have a learning series or a series of messages that result in a desired learning outcome. Campaigns are used when the learner or recipient consumes the information in a planned series of messages or lessons.

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Where do I find campaigns?

From your main menu, campaigns are found just below conversations.

What's the difference between a campaign and a course?

We use campaigns as an umbrella term to describe your learning program, drip messaging, or lead magnet/advertising campaign. Your learning program, or courses, are just one type of campaign ConveYour supports.

Do I have to create a campaign to share lessons with others?

No - you can simply share a folder of informational lessons with your team. A great use-case for this is a sales team who need to access information at a glance. If you have prepared a series of lessons for your sales team - and you want them to be able to access this information from the road, searchable lessons can be accessed from a shared lessons folder. This allows the team to access the knowledge base from anywhere at any time from a mobile device!

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How do I setup a campaign?

Once you have a pretty good idea about the objective of your campaign, what you want to call it, and how the content needs to be shared to your target audience - begin by filling out the information section in campaigns setup, then proceed to building your lessons, and adding content.

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Quick Search

As ConveYour customers released more and more courses, customers asked for ways to quickly manage and search through hundreds of running campaigns. Quick search and built in filters have been added to the latest version of campaigns.

Drag-and-drop content creation

One of the big things customers kept asking for was an easier way to schedule and order the release of their lessons, SMS messages, emails, etc.

Add and remove learners to campaigns en masse extremely quickly. Reset progress.

When you first start building out a campaign it's important that you can quickly add testers and reset their progress. This release comes with a completely new system for doing these actions quickly.

Stats section refresh

The stats section of campaigns got a major overhaul. The Engagement Funnel is now interactive! Clicking on any lesson graph will auto-open the funnel to show you the results for that specific lesson.

Get Started with Setup!

Campaign First Steps

Adding Information

Add Content and Lessons

Adding Learners or Contacts

Registration and Confirmations

Landing Page Information

Learner Portal Options

Timing Options

Billing Information

Invite Tools

Stats and Metrics

Scheduling Content

Testing Your Campaign