Testing Your ConveYour Campaign

Ready to Send? Let's Test It Out First!

So you have a campaign setup, and You are ready to send it out... Whoah! It's time to reign it in. Of course you are excited to send your campaign out to your contact list, but first it's really important to test and make sure all is working as you expect it to.

Testing Within ConveYour

You may have have already conducted simple tests of your triggered content within ConveYour as you built your triggers. This is phase one of testing. If you haven't already tried this, you can enter your campaign zone, click on Triggers, and at the top of the frame click “Test it Out”.

Test it out

You also have "test it out" available for each individual trigger located here:

Test trigger

but to test the campaign in its entirety, use Test It Out at the top of the triggers list.

The simulator shows you how your triggers will look in three different devices. These icons are located in the top right of your screen. Very handy. Mobile Phone, Tablet and Desktop.


Testing From the User's Point of View

Ideally, you need to experience this campaign from a beginning to completion User Experience. This is where the invite tools can come in really handy.

invite tools top invite tools campaign

Use Landing Page

One way to test is by checking out the landing page URL, and sign yourself up.

test from landing page

Go back out to your campaign, select invite tools, and then click on the URL listed for landing page. Here's a video example showing testing using the landing page method:

Use Quick Add

Another easy way to test is by ensuring you are a contact in your contact list - and then using the "Quick Add" feature.

quick add

Simply search for yourself using last name

by last name

Then select yourself by clicking on the arrow to the right of your name.

Use Text To Join

You should can also test the Hashtag Method or Text To Join - where you text the hashtag you setup in your Campaign Settings, to your unique ConveYour number.

Text To Join

In all cases, make sure your confirmation messages (in Campaign Setup) are setup so you will get your confirmation message as soon as you are added to the campaign:

confirmation messages

If you have all setup correctly, you should receive your confirmation message with a link to your portal so you can test your campaign from your mobile device.

Email Testing

If you expect your audience will not be accessing your program from a mobile device from text messages, you can also test the email-only version of your campaign. Sometimes, your audience will actually prefer email campaigns to SMS messaging. You can set individual preferences for alerts for contacts already added:

Contacts > List > search for and select your testing profile In your profile, set your Alerts to email:

email alerts

For Testing Purposes Please Note - if you have already been testing from the user point of view as SMS, you will need to delete your testing profile, and re-add yourself as a contact, creating a new contact, selecting email as the preferred alert, and not adding the mobile number. see below:

email contact

Make sure all of your triggers alerts are set to 'Send SMS if available, if not send email'

sms if possible

Now - Quick Add your new contact profile to the campaign from Invite Tools, and test from using the email method.

NOTE: check your spam folder for the confirmation email. If your confirmation emails continually go into the spam folder, you may want to look into verifying your email address, and adding it as a sender for your account. To do this you will need to verify your email address, and add the DKIM or SPF records into your

Settings > Email Addresses


Please contact technical support for assistance in setting this up for you if you are experiencing problems.

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