How do Portal Sections Work?

Why use portal sections?

Segmenting campaigns help to serve as roadmaps that guide users through a learning or onboarding process. By breaking down information into digestible parts, sections help learners or trainees focus on one topic at a time. This will enable better comprehension and retention of material while allowing learners to progress at their own pace and easily revisit specific topics as needed. This ultimately enhances the learning experience and facilitates smoother navigation through training programs.

How do I create portal sections?

Portal sections can be added, ordered, or removed under Settings -> Other Settings -> Portal Design & Branding -> Portal Sections.


Portal Sections come with four default sections to help give you an idea of how you can segment your campaigns. To change the name of a portal section, change the slug, or delete a portal section, click on the gear icon. To add another section, click on "add another. To order your sections, simply drag and drop using the "hamburger" icon.

Portal sections will work for all departments/teams within an organization. The focus is on organizing content based on the “season the rep is in” or “skill level”.

Potential Use Case: A brand-new sales rep starting training
  1. HR team releases an “Intro to our Culture” campaign under the “The Basics” section.

  2. The sales team releases a “Sales Knowledge Assessment” campaign under the “The Basics” section.

  3. After taking the "Sales Knowledge Assessment", the sales rep gets added to the “Advanced Sales Techniques” course because she scored very high in the Sales Knowledge Assessment!

How do I add a campaign to a portal section?

Select a section from the Portal Section dropdown within the learner portal tab in a campaign. This dropdown displays the sections made within the account-level portal section settings.

Specifying a portal section for a lesson in ConveYour


  • Are portal sections the same across teams? Yes, the portal sections are created under the account settings so the same sections are applied across teams.

  • What happens to joined and available courses to campaigns with no portal section selected yet OR a portal section once set, is removed from portal sections? If the contact is joined to the campaign, the campaign will show up in the “Joined Courses” section. If using the “show in the portal if tagged with” feature under campaign settings/learner portal, then the campaign will show up under “Available Courses”.


If you have any questions on this topic please reach out to our wonderful support team through the chat box or by emailing [email protected].