An Introduction

Lessons in ConveYour

Lesson Items

Types of interactive content, lesson items, a.k.a. "engagement formats" that ConveYour offers.

Adding Lessons to Your Course

Adding Lessons to your ConveYour Campaign

Folders, Organizing, and View Preferences

Using folders to organize your lessons created in ConveYour

Using Folders as a Knowledge Base for Reference Material

Use lesson folders to push reference material to a group of contacts.

Sharing a Folder of Lessons to Specific Groups

Sharing a folder of lessons to a specific group of learners based on certain conditions, such as completing a course.

Using Tags for Better Search Capabilities

Use lesson tags to enable easy search functions for learners in their portal, and while building ConveYour courses.

Working with Video

Working with video in ConveYour lessons.

Banner Images Best Practices

Creating and using banner images for ConveYour

Custom Feedback

Learn how to set up custom feedback on learner answers to boost information retention!