Custom Feedback

ConveYour's custom feedback feature is an optional addition to any lesson and provides a myriad of benefits that greatly enhance the learning process.

One of the key advantages is its ability to facilitate immediate reflection and correction. When learners receive instant feedback on their answers, they are prompted to analyze their thought processes and identify any misconceptions they may have had. This encourages active engagement with the material, allowing learners to rectify their mistakes and solidify their understanding right away. By addressing errors promptly, learners can avoid the accumulation of misunderstandings and inaccuracies over time, leading to a stronger grasp of the subject matter and better performance in the workplace.

How to implement custom feedback

Within a lesson, select the challenge question lesson engagement.

  1. Check the custom feedback option ON.

2. Select the answer and type the corresponding feedback message. Make sure to click "update"!

3. Add more than one custom feedback message.

Here is an example of the user experience in the learner portal.