Folders, Organizing, and View Preferences

Begin to organize many lessons by adding them to a folder! For example, organize by theme, topic, event or team.

View lessons as a list, or within a grid from the top bar:

Once you have amassed many lessons, you will want to start building folders for sorting your growing collection.

Creating Folders

When you select NEW in lessons builder - you are given a choice to create a new folder, or a new lesson.

For folders, select NEW > Folder

Name your folder. Whether it's by Learning Module, Topic, or Date of Campaign/Course or Company Name, or Group for whom the course is targeted - folders help keep themes together. Then Create and Set Folder.

Sorting, Viewing and Drag 'n Drop

Once you have created your folders, there are several ways of viewing them to help you find what you are looking for.

One example is view as list, and then click on the "Name" column to sort and view alphabetically (shown below).

Creating Folders for Lessons Already Created

Click on the lesson's context menu (3 dots) - and select Add to a Folder.

Or drag and drop the lesson into an existing folder! It's that easy.

Folders help you organize lessons by target audience, date, particular event, theme, or whatever way you choose to present your content.

Enjoy building and using lessons, and use folders to keep them neat and tidy.

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