Using Tags for Better Search Capabilities

An additional feature in lessons that will help you and your learners find lessons by topic, are lesson tags.

Lesson tags are found in Lesson Configuration under Lesson Folder name by clicking "Show More Options"

Add tags related to your lesson topic and relevant content.

Think from the learner's point of view as well. If they were trying to recall this information, what keywords might they be most likely to search for?

As you type each keyword (or phrase) click enter/return and ConveYour adds this keyword or phrase to your list of search terms.

Adding tags to a ConveYour Lesson, and then saving it.Don't forget to save your lesson, and close.

Now you can find this lesson quickly and easily within your growing library of lessons:

Searching across ConveYour Lessons.AND, most importantly, learners can conduct a search from their portal by keyword, so that they can review important concepts! The learner clicks the looking glass icon, and types their search term into the search field. Related courses they are enrolled in as well as lessons that contain that concept are shown below:

Searching lessons within the ConveYour learner portal.

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