Automate Recruiting Steps

Install a Simple Recruiting Workflow Campaign that accomplishes all the tasks you have for your Potential Reps!


Description: Install a Simple Recruiting Workflow Campaign that…

  1. Tells recruits of the unique opportunity your company has for them.

  2. Clarifies your company's necessary requirements for potential reps.

  3. Verifies that you have the BEST contact info for the recruits.

  4. Gives recruits a chance to schedule an appointment or interview.

  5. Nudges your recruits to make sure they stay on task and actually complete recruitment.

  6. Automates the next steps for each recruit.

This Quick Win Will

  • Install a ConveYour’s Standard Recruiting Workflow Campaign

  • Create Lessons associated to the Workflow Campaign (which you can customize)

  • Create Nudges to automatically remind recruits of unfinished content