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Stephen Shapiro - ConveYour

Stephen Shapiro

National Speakers Assoc. Hall of Fame Member. Trainer to 3M, P&G, Marriot.

Using ConveYour we’ve had as much as 95% participation for the entire 30 days with teams, and incredible feedback on it as a reinforcement tool.

In the Media

"In a time where the world is focusing on delivering better content to a mobile generation, it’s easy to see why a tool like ConveYour does so well when used to foster better learning experiences in the workplace."
- Ariel Rule

"You have the ability to turn followers into believers," says Jeremy Roloff, TLC reality show star and now a loyal ConveYour user.

Kill boring. Make your content fun. Give them interaction.

Create highly engaging, mobile-first courses, challenges, and lead-magnets.
Drip out a question, video, or challenge each day or week to teach important concepts.

Gather Consensus

Create a poll in less than a minute. Ask your groups to quantify where they need help the most.

Challenge Them

Use challenge questions to test their understanding of a concept.

Tell a Story

Show video before or after a question, include images, and ask follow up, open-ended questions.

It's Fun!

Points are earned for answering questions or for taking action. Use the leaderboard and points earned as a currency to drive rewards.

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