🎥 Video Pitch Practice

coaching sales rep via video


Getting new sellers ready to pitch is hard.


Sellers practice pitches, calls, and more via phone-submitted selfie videos.

Build seller confidence through PRACTICE:

upload video practice

Better customer pitches = more 💰

  • Sellers need practice and repetitions to build confidence
  • Trainers and managers provide feedback on selfie videos to accelerate performance
  • Leaders can trust that sellers use proven approaches

Score the video and provide feedback

  • Managers or trainers rate performance on custom dimensions
  • Reviewers are notified via email when a video is ready to review
  • Feedback gets sent automatically to the rep

Reps record videos from your branded learning portal

  • After watching your content, reps can submit a video response
  • Video recording and upload works and looks great on any device
  • Wrap the experience in your brand, colors, fonts and more
a phone receives a text notification for a ConveYour course
video pitch practice feedback

Reinforce performance with feedback and gamification

  • Reps get personal feedback they need
  • They earn points for participation and/or performance
  • Healthy competition drives results

Send reps a link to record a video via text message

  • Text invitations drive unmatched engagement
  • No login required
  • Drives to your branded learning portal and recording experience
sms automation for learners and field team

Our clients use ConveYour to build and launch training that onboards and engages tens of thousands of sellers each year.

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