Mobile Driven Microlearning

Finally, a way to systematically develop and test for skill with all of your people.

Students can use video to show what they know. Instructors can review video submissions and score on things that matter to your organization. Use video to drill for skill.

Your Path To Skill Development

Set up a Lesson With Custom Scoring Based On Core Competencies

ConveYour Lessons

Encourage students to put what they know into action by requesting a video response.

Students Receive A Text To Engage

ConveYour Lessons

Notify your target audiance by text message or email

A Student Submits Their Response

microlearning drip course

Students can submit video from any desktop or mobile device.
Ask students to submit a video practicing overcoming an objection, or handling an interdepartmental conflict. 

Score The Response And Provide Personal Feedback

Provide students individual feedback on their responses. Review responses and grade them on your custom criteria.

View Portal Features

The Student Gets A Notification They Have Feedback

Portal with Lessons

Once feedback has been submited by the instructor the student will be provided their results.

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