Automate Onboarding Steps

This Quick Win will jumpstart your onboarding workflow! From signing an agreement to a lesson letting reps know their next steps, this is onboarding done for you.


Install a Simple Onboarding Workflow Campaign that…

  1. Creates a Video Lesson that encourages the new rep to sign the agreement.

  2. Generates a lesson form to gather needed info on the rep (see optional examples below).

    • Badge Photo

    • Physical Address

    • Drivers License Photo

    • Shirt Size

  3. Automates the Signing Agreement Process

  4. Waits for the rep to sign the agreement

  5. Presents a lesson reviewing Job Details

  6. Handles next steps

This Quick Win Will

  • Install a ConveYour’s Standard Onboarding Workflow Campaign

  • Create Lessons associated to the Workflow Campaign (which you can customize)

  • Request necessary info from the rep in order to generate an agreement

  • Create Nudges to automatically remind recruits of unsigned agreements