Workflows: Best Practices

Screenshot of ConveYour workflows.

  • Keep Your Workflow as small as possible

  • Stub out your flow BEFORE adding Content. We recommend using Whimsical to do this, it is free.

  • When testing, use short lessons to verify the flow; then replace the short lesson with the actual lesson.

  • If you have a flow that is based on a certain answer from a long lesson, recreate the single determining question as a “standalone” lesson. This makes testing much quicker and easier.

  • Always add an outcome to those who do NOT follow your desired path. For example:

    • Remove them from the campaign

    • Jump them to another new branch

    • Add them to a Group

    • Archive or Delete them (ConveYour recommends archiving instead of deleting)

  • Nudges should NEVER be set to less than 15 minutes unless testing.

Important Things to Remember


ConveYour's Condition node in Workflows.

  • Branches off of Conditionals will always have an outcome


  • Branches off of Waits will always have an outcome AFTER the final condition (period of time)

  • The only branch on a Wait that is linked to “time” is the final branch

Nudges (on Waits)

SMS alert nudge message in ConveYour.

  • nudge.n is the number of nudges that you have

  • nudge.ord is the ordinal number of your nudge (ex: “2nd”, “3rd”, “4th”)


Jump node in ConveYour workflows.

  • Jumps do NOT reset a lesson that has already been completed. If you jump a learner back up your workflow, they will NOT be added to the lesson, nor prompted to repeat the lesson.

Things You Can’t Do With Workflows


  • You cannot add a “Wait” to

    • a Conditional

    • a Delay


  • You cannot jump the learner to a lesson he/she has already completed

Want to Learn More?

Check out our Workflows: Getting Started help doc that will show you the quickest and easiest ways to start building your Workflows!