An Overview of Contacts

Introduction to working with contacts in ConveYour

Uploading or Importing Your List

Quickly and easily import your contacts into ConveYour

Add a Single Contact

Adding a single contact to your ConveYour account

Creating Custom Contact Data Fields in Settings

Keep track of any type of contact data with custom fields.

Automatic Group Creation on Upload

ConveYour automatically tags and creates a group when you upload a database list of contacts

Downloading From ConveYour or Pulling From Other Applications

How to get ConveYour contacts from ConveYour and pull contacts from other applications.

Tasks Assigned to Contacts

Add tasks to contacts or team collaborators and check on task progress in ConveYour contacts.


Adding notes to contact profiles, and sharing notes with other collaborators in ConveYour contacts.


Tracking process or activities for contacts using ConveYour Contact Boards

Teams Introduction

Using the Teams feature for departmental collaboration in ConveYour