Sometimes you need to keep track of people in your contact list. A couple of scenarios include:

  • A sales associate who needs to track relationships from new leads or prospects to purchase orders.

  • An HR coordinator who needs to track new hires and ensure they have received all necessary information and signed all necessary documentation.

  • A manager who needs to track conversations and trainings that are ongoing with their new reps.

  • A sales manager who needs to keep notes on new accounts, and share with others how often the account contact has been emailed, and what they have sent.

Great! Where do I find notes?

For notes on individuals - adding notes are accessed within a contact's profile:

Viewing Notes on a ConveYour contact.Additionally, you can view recent activities and view all recent note activity by you and other admins within your ConveYour account, from Contacts > Notes:

Viewing Notes from the Contacts board in ConveYour.

How do I share notes with other admins/collaborators?

When adding a note to a contact, click the @ symbol, to bring up a list of collaborators to choose from. This informs them via email, who you reached out to and how you followed up with that contact.

Adding a new note with user tags in ConveYour.Your team collaborator whom you tagged will receive an email informing them of the action you took.

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