An Overview of Contacts

ConveYour provides multiple ways to manage and work with your contacts. Whether you use ConveYour as the primary way you manage your business contacts, or for communicating with and training your employees, we’ve got you covered.

This document is an overview of contact management in ConveYour and covers:

  • The ConveYour Contact Master List or Database

  • Fields or Categories for Contacts

  • Contacts within your ConveYour Course/Campaign

  • Contacts within Groups for Organization

  • Resources for Managing Your Contacts

Master List

When you upload your contacts to ConveYour, they all become part of ConveYour’s “master list” or database. We will refer to this master list to refer to the total number of all contacts in your system.

You can add contacts one-at-at-time or individually

You can add multiple contacts at once by uploading a .csv database to Conveyour

The master list shows a number of columns - correlated to “fields” or parameters you have in your database. Primary fields include:

First Name

Last Name



Follow this link to take a ConveYour mini-course on uploading your contacts >>

Fields or Categories for Contacts

Additional fields ConveYour provides by default such as Company, Campaigns, Alerts, Tags, and Unsubscribed (email or sms). To view all fields available, go to the main menu Settings > Fields.

If you need additional fields/categories - specific to how you do business, such as office, region, location, ID, employee number, status - you can create custom fields to support your data.

Learn how to create custom fields here >>

Contacts In Your Course/Campaign

When contacts are in a ConveYour campaign - whether its a learning course, company training, or sales messaging campaign, you can view the list of contacts participating by going to Campaigns > Select the Campaign > Contacts

These contacts are not separated from the master list, they are simply the group of people enrolled in this particular campaign. We recommend creating a group of contacts, and then using an automation to add them to your campaign.

Learn about groups >>

Learn about using automations to add a group to a campaign >>

Contacts in Groups

When you sort a bunch of contacts into a group, you are simply organizing them. You are not separating them from the Master List. Groups can be sorted by field (category) or activity/achievement. By activity/achievement we mean some type of activity (such as replying to a lead email, or enrolling in a course) or achievement within a course (such as answered a question, or completed a course).

You can message the individuals in a group, add them to different campaigns, and view their progress through ConveYour reporting tools.

Resources for working with Contacts

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