Remove Group of Contacts from a Campaign

There are two main ways to remove people from your course/campaign in ConveYour.

1) Remove 1 contact at a time from the campaign

2) Remove a group of contacts from the campaign

Note: when you remove people from a course/campaign, they do not disappear from your Master List of contacts. Only when you delete a contact are they permanently deleted from the system.

Removing 1 Contact from a Course/Campaign

This process takes place from within the campaign. Go into your Campaign and select Contacts.

- Conduct a search by last name to locate the person you want to remove. Type the last name to filter the list.

- Then select the person by clicking on the checkmark to the left of their name.

- Finally click remove.

Removing a Group of Contacts from the Course/Campaign

Create the Group

When you have multiple people to remove from a course, it's helpful and more efficient if you can find a contact data point that they share in common, create a group based on that, and schedule an automation to remove them.

Common use cases include:

  • remove everyone from a certain region from the campaign

  • remove everyone who has completed the final lesson, and passed, from the course

  • remove everyone who joined before a certain date

  • remove everyone who was last seen more than 365 days ago (non-active)

If you have a way to group people together, it may be quicker to create the group.

Learn more about creating groups here >>

Schedule the Automation

- From Automations, select NEW AUTOMATION

- Find "Remove From Campaign" and click CREATE

- Name the Automation

- Select Your Group

- Schedule When the Automation Will Start

- Choose the Campaign from Which They Will Be Removed

Review and Launch

- Click Review

- Check that the correct group is selected

- Check that the correct campaign is selected

- Note the Time and Date meets your expectations

- See the list of names below to ensure these are the people you expect to be in the group.

- If all checks out - click Launch!

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