Creation, Filtering and Setup

First off, if you are unfamiliar with the power of groups, and what they mean in the context of ConveYour, you should check out Intro to Groups first. It's a good read.

Groups creation is basically creating a subgroup of your contacts based on Filters that you set. Filters are based on either Contact Data Fields or Contact Activity.

Sometimes we refer to contacts as "learners" but not everyone uses ConveYour to create courses, so as a more broad term, you are filtering your contact list into smaller subgroups.

Groups Made From Contact Data Fields

Setup Your New Group in Main Menu > Groups > New Group

On the left side panel, you will:

  • Give your group a name

  • Edit the filters based on contact attributes from fields in you contact list

  • Optionally add additional filters to further narrow the scope of your group

ConveYour's Edit Group menu.Filtering Your Group

There are so many ways that you may want to filter your groups. To start, you can simply use one contact attribute, based on one data field from you contact list. Filters for groups can be made from Contact Data Fields or Contact Activities.

Scenario: Group by Contact Data Field: Company

This is the most common and basic way to group contacts - by one specific field attribute in your contact list. For example, you only want to add contacts that work for a particular company to participate in a new course or follow-up program. You would create a group based on company name is - "ACME" and then once you create that group - add those contacts to the course/campaign.

ConveYour's Edit Group menu with This also works for sales regions, hire date, or date added - any contact field attribute can easily be used from your contact list to create a group.

Here's a helpful video illustrating filtering based on Contact Data Fields:

Groups Made From Contact Activity

Filtering by contact data fields is a more obvious approach because it's based on known parameters in your contact data. ConveYour also offers you the ability to filter groups based on contact activity or behaviors. This allows you to reach out to only those contacts who finish a course or send a customized message to contacts based on how they answered a poll, or check the completion of compliance-based courses. Filtering by activity is a little more complex, but it's very powerful and can help you support adaptive learning programs!

Scenario: Group by Top-Scoring Participants

What if you run a program, and you offered a prize for the top-scoring participants from a particular campaign? You can create a group to "collect" the names of the top-scoring participants in the course/campaign. The filters would be: Campaign, and Points Scored.

ConveYour's Edit Group menu with filters filled out.

Scenario: You want to follow up with only those participants who answered a particular question.

With group filters - you can get very specific - segmenting participants by participation in a single question in your course.

ConveYour's Edit Group menu with Event Filters.

Scenario: You want to follow up with only those participants who answered a particular question in a specific way.

Filter further by how they answered a question. When questions are set up with a known answer set, such as in a poll, an assessment, or a challenge question, then you can target based on their answer.

ConveYour's Edit Group menu, selecting an answer to filter by.

This video below shows the setup based on activities:

Using the completion of certain milestones in your course to reward and trigger a follow-up message from you, personalizes the participants' experience. View more filter scenarios and group condition examples.

Create even more flexibility in grouping your contact with custom Tags! Read next: Setting Up Tag Groups to learn how...

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