Tag Groups

Tag Groups give you a powerful way to have your employees, contacts, students or tribe self-organize themselves into little "villages". Organizing contacts into smaller interest groups can be a powerful way to narrowly target your messaging programs going forward.

How it works

  • You create a tag group.
  • Your people can join the group via SMS. They send a text message to your ConveYour phone number.
  • Or, import a list of contacts from a spreadsheet where you have created a "tags" column - related to the tag group(s) you have made.

tag group

Provide more value to your audience!

Let's say you are a small business manager and you want to to do a better job of delivering the most applicable content to each one of your employees.

  • You create three tag groups of sales, marketing, and hiring.

  • You send out a ConveYour text message to your 1000 employees that says something like...

"Hi everyone! For interest group messaging going forward - which of the following topics are you most interested in receiving announcements or updates? Reply back with any of the following hashtags to be added to each respective group. #sales #marketing #hiring"

SMS hashtag groups

Sorting Existing Contacts

Contacts that are already in your system and are replying to your ConveYour SMS messages can reply via SMS (and join the group) without any contact information (because you already have it).

They could text in with..


That would be great! #sales

Or multiple tag groups like...

Yes! Add me to both #sales and #marketing

Lead Capture via SMS

You can use Tag Groups as an SMS lead capture system. Here are some fantastic uses cases for using Tag Groups as an SMS lead capture system.

Group podcast episode listeners.

Create automated email, SMS, content follow up for your previous episodes based on the content of that episode!

Hey everyone! Text #ep100 to 555-555-5555 to get episode 100's show notes and a chance to win a free copy of Influence by Robert B. Cialdini

Group Webinar Attendees

Similar to the above but perhaps you automatically add them to a challenge or poll after they text in #webinar or something.

For Speakers and Presenters

Invite event attendees to become a part of the tribe, and receive something from you in return. Have them message your ConveYour number and include the # hastag that relates to a Tag Group you have created.

"Text #influence2017 to 555-555-5555 to get my slides!"

When they send a text to your number with the hashtag, they will be invited to update their contact information and include their name and email address so you can reach out to them.

Adding Contacts to your ConveYour via Inbound SMS

Any of the following text messages would result in a John Doe being added to your system as well as being added to the #sales Tag Group.

#sales John - first name would be set into profile.

#sales John Doe - first and last name would be set into profile.

#sales John Doe [email protected] - first, last, and email set into profile.

Only the order of the name matters actually

[email protected] John Doe #sales - first, last, and email set into profile

If they just send in the '#sales' with no information, they will be immediately prompted to update their information if they are not already in your system. Otherwise, if they are already a contact, the system will recognize their profile, and simply update their profile to adding the sales tag to their profile.

Tag Groups vs Regular Groups

The only differences between regular groups and tag groups are...

• You have a single, simple contact condition of tag = X. Where X is the tag you have set on contacts to have them match this group.

• You can instruct your audience to join your tag group(s) via text message, and thus self-organize into your pre-set groups.

• The TAG is merely the condition by which the contact is organized into this group.

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