Working with Tag Groups

Tag Groups give you a powerful way to have your employees, contacts, reps or learners self-organize themselves into little "villages".

Organizing contacts into smaller interest groups can be a powerful way to narrowly target your messaging programs, or to quickly sort new, incoming leads.

Tag Groups vs Regular Groups

The only differences between regular groups and tag groups are...

• You have a single, simple contact condition of tag = X. Where X is the tag you have set on contacts to have them match this group.

• You can instruct people to join your tag group(s) via text message, and thus self-organize into your pre-set groups.

• The TAG is merely the filter (condition) by which the contact is organized into this group.

TAG groups can effectively be used for sorting existing contacts and new contacts or leads.

How it works

  • You create a tag group in ConveYour Groups.

  • Your people can join the group via SMS. They simply send a text message to your ConveYour phone number.

  • Use an automation to schedule a reply to everyone who reaches out to you using the #.

Employees opt-in to a specific messaging "list" or group

Let's say you are a small business manager and you want to do a better job of delivering the most applicable content to each one of your employees.

  • You create three tag groups of sales, marketing, and recruiting.

  • You send out a ConveYour text message to your 1000 employees that says something like...

"Hi everyone! For interest group messaging going forward - which of the following topics are you most interested in receiving announcements or updates? Reply back with any of the following hashtags to be added to each respective group. #sales #marketing #recruiting"

This allows them to self-select the type of messages they wish to receive - applicable to their work group.

Self-Sorting Existing Contacts

In the scenario described above, employees who are already in your system reply via text (and join a tag group) without any contact information (because you already have it).

They could simply text in with..

#sales or

That would be great! #sales

Or sign up for multiple like...

Yes! Add me to both #sales and #marketing

Lead Capture via SMS/Text Messaging

You can use Tag Groups as an SMS lead capture system! Here are some fantastic uses cases for using Tag Groups as an SMS lead capture system.

If you simply ask someone to send you a text message, and leave them a card with your ConveYour number, they may reach out and send you a text at some point. But don't worry that you won't eventually know who this is! The system automatically thanks them for reaching out, and prompts them to update their contact information.

A text conversation. automated response

Self-Sorting NEW contacts with a # hashtag!

Sales teams can use this technique when meeting someone new, and would like to add them to ConveYour as a new lead, but also self-organize into their specific tag group. Any of the following text messages would result in a "John Doe" being added to your system as well as being added to the #sales Tag Group.

#sales John - first name would be set into profile.

#sales John Doe - first and last name would be set into profile.

#sales John Doe [email protected] - first, last, and email set into profile.

If they just send in the '#sales' with no information, they are still added to your #sales group. Their profile simply shows as "unknown" but you will have captured their mobile number. You can set up an auto-reply message using an Automation, and request more contact information.

Automated Follow-Up

Learn how to send an immediate text to a group using an Automation >>

Of course you would most likely create a tag group, using a more relevant tag to meeting a new prospect. Something as simple as "hello" might make sense when you are meeting new people:

Great to meet you! Send me a text with #hello and your name to 555-555-5555 and I'll reach out to you with more information!

and set the reply in automations:

ConveYour's Send Text Message scheduling they receive a nice reply, encouraging them to update their info:

A screenshot text conversation. customized automation response

Group podcast episode listeners.

Create automated follow up content for your previous episodes based on the content of that episode!

Hey everyone! Text #ep100 to 555-555-5555 to get episode 100's show notes and a chance to win a free copy of our new book

Be sure you set up an automation they will receive an auto-reply.

For Speakers and Presenters

Invite event attendees to become a part of the tribe, and receive something from you in return. Have them message your ConveYour number and include the # hashtag that relates to a Tag Group you have created.

"Text #influence to 555-555-5555 to recieve a copy of my presentation slides!"

When they send a text with #influence to your number, they will be added to your INFLUENCE tag group. If you set up an automation they will receive an auto-reply.

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