Based on Activity of Individual in Course

Group Created from the Activity Feed in Contact Profile

This is a great method to QUICKLY create a group based on an individual's progress or behavior in the course.

If you want to find everyone who completed a lesson or answered a question, first you need to find those people, and create a group based on their behavior.

Using Mary McTesterson's Profile as Individual Activity

In your course/campaign click on "Content". Select the lesson you want to base this text send on.

Test the lesson. And when you test it, notice that Mary McTesterson is the "bot" who gets the credit for testing and completing the lesson.

So now, after "Mary" has completed the lesson, take a look at her profile in your "Contact List". From Main Menu > Contacts click on the context menu for Mary.

Viewing Contacts that are in a Campaign.and "View Profile":

Viewing a Contact profile from a ConveYour Campaign.From the profile, you can see her activity feed, and you can click on individual activities to view progress. Click on the completed lesson to expand the details. Then click View Group (to find others who match this condition)

Viewing Contacts who have completed lessons in ConveYour.This will automatically create a group for anybody who matches the condition of completing that lesson in that same campaign. All you need to do is name the group, and save it.

Creating and filtering a new Group in ConveYour.Now you can go into automations and create a text message automation that will go out to this group anytime somebody matches this condition. Messages could include thanking them for their feedback, congratulating them on completing that section of the course, etc.

You could also create an automation that sends them to the next course in the series - in a use case where this was the last lesson of the intro course.

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