Adaptive Learning for Groups and Getting Started

Automations are a powerful way for you to schedule messages or other background activities for specific segments of your contacts.

Use Cases

  • add a specific group of contacts to a course or campaign I just created

  • send contact data to my existing CRM (contact management or email management software)

  • create adaptive learning experiences, releasing content based on learner behavior or achievement

  • automate messages to go out only to those members of the group who have not finished my course in order to re-engage them

  • track top-performing participants by using the system to automatically keep track of a groups scores within a learning program

  • automatically send a greeting to all new contacts I make

  • automatically sort contacts into groups by adding custom "tags" to their contact info

  • automate an email follow-up when someone new reaches out to you via website inquiry

Common Tasks

Take a look at some of the most common tasks for automations by following the links below:

Check out this video on a use case for adaptive learning.

Available Automations

Schedule a Quick Text Message Send to Group (great for a quick message to a group you frequently reach out to)

Schedule Adding a Group to Campaign or Course (excellent for adding groups of learners to an existing course)

Remove Group from Campaign or Course (useful for removing a subset of learners from a course who you want the current group to not interact with a previous group, or removing contacts for whom the content no longer applies - but you still want to retain the contact in your list)

Delete Contacts from System (useful for removing contacts entirely)

Automate Adding or Removing Custom Tags (helpful for creating new groups, and sorting contacts into manageable subsets)

Create a Webhook to Link with Other Software (great for adding ConveYour contacts to an existing contact management or email management system)

Send Dynamic Screenshot (excellent for collaboration with others)

Record Custom Events (useful for programming - customized to your user behavior - ask us for more information)

Schedule an Email Blast to Group (perfect for sending information that is complex or too lengthy to send within a texting platform)

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