Based on Score in Course/Campaign

With automations, you can create adaptive learning experiences based on learner behavior.

One use case of this is when you want to send different content to participants based on how they score in your campaign or course.

Say you wanted to segment your learners based on a certain range of scores to receive specific messages, or even direct them to rewards!

Using automations to create groups of contacts, based on scores in a campaign or course is where you begin.

First - you should have an understanding of how the participants are doing. What are the top scores looking like? What are the average scores like? What about those who are struggling, or may not have made progress in the course - how do they compare. By taking a look at the Leader Board, I gain an understanding of how the points spread is looking:

It might decide the spread I need is as follows: that top scores will be ≥2500 while midrange are about 1000 and lower scoring participants are ≤ 800

I could add custom tags to these participants to sort them into groups. Then I could use automations to send custom messages, or unique experiences, to each group based on their score. That's sending adaptive learning based on a learner behavior - performance.

The score leaderboard in ConveYour

Create The Automation

So next, I go into automations and set up my group based on score.

Automations > New > Add/Remove Tags > Create

Adding or removing tags from contacts in ConveYour

I'll name the first automation - related to the desired action (add tag) and the campaign name if necessary:

Drafting an automation in ConveYour

Then I create the group for whom this applies by selecting "Create New Group".

I give this group a name - related to the campaign/course they are in.

Creating and configuring a new group in ConveYourThe pop-up window allows me to set the conditions by which I will find these participants.

In this case, because we are not filtering by a contact's attribute (such as first name, last name, or company name) but rather, by a behavior - points scored.

Filtering by Activity or Achievement

Enable the field for contact activity or achievement by clicking in the zone that says "field". This brings up the dialogue box to search for the field. I start to type the word "score" until I can see and select "points scored".

Selecting a new field in ConveYour

We have told the system that we are creating the group based on and EVENT points scored.

Next set points total - we already determined by looking at the leader board that anyone who has over 3000 point is rocking it. So I will set this to points total is greater than or equal to 2500.

Creating a group based on contact filters in ConveYourContinue setting the condition where:

Event = Points Scored Points Total > Greater Than or Equal To Value = 2500

Count - how often has this occurred? Well in this case, the count has any value, because I want to pull into this group anyone who has greater than or equal to 2500 points.

When - refers to time... when this event occurred. It can be set to find anyone who has scored this within the last week, the last month, or in the last year - or set it to 'has any value' to find anyone who matches this condition at any time.

Setting challenge score conditions for a ConveYour Group.

Adding Additional Fields

I also need to tell this system which campaign I am referring to. So I will need to add another field to pull in "Campaign" - and be sure to only create a group for high scoring people in a particular campaign (not all courses/campaigns that are running).

Below the Event Settings, Click ADD FIELD and start typing "Campaign" in the blank field. Then set the attributes for the Campaign Field:

Selecting a new field in ConveYour

Again I set an attribute, an operator and a value related to this achievement: - Attribute - Campaigns - Operator - is - Value - Campaign Name

Notice that as we add more conditions, the number shown next to Create Group in the Panel shrinks, as we filter out contacts who do not match these conditions we are setting.

My conditions set - I can save this group, by clicking the green SAVE button at top right.

Complete Automation Setup

Now I need to tell the system what tag I want to add to this filtered group.

I continue to set up the automation on the definition panel -

by setting up when I want these people to be "tagged" with highscore, and set the automation to run for each contact that matches this condition once, but keep running for the length of the competition (shown below - 30 days). In other words, for the next 30 days, each time someone meets the condition of this high score in this course, they will be tagged with highscore.

Then, in the action panel, I can add the "highscore" tag into the add tags field, and click "Review".

Adding or removing tags in ConveYour

In the Review screen I get an opportunity to review the tag I am going to add, and which contacts this automation will affect. If I am happy with what I see here, I select "Launch"

An overview of an automation in ConveYour before launch.Now that this group is created - I can message this group directly from the group's context menu, or by creating another automation. I could send them a congratulations message, or link to claim a prize, or enroll them into a new course experience - based entirely on their score.

Think about this - if you can segment a group of learners by score - then you can send them different follow-up experiences and messaging depending on what that score represents.

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