Send a Triggered SMS Message

Send a Triggered SMS Message

  • Setup a text message to be sent automatically
  • Schedule a text delivery based on time or when contact conditions are met
  • Personalize the text body with placeholders.. Example..

Hi , thank you for joining the community!

Don't be scared of placeholders. They are easy to discover. Just start type {{, then start typing a field name and you will start seeing available placeholders

Use Cases

  • Thank people for joining your community
  • Event management, alert people when sessions are starting
  • Follow up after the end of your speech. Promote a book signing or something.
  • Automate re-engagement! Have a member site or e-learning Course? Use SMS triggers to re-engage members that haven't been seen for a while!


  • We use Twilio for SMS. You will need to setup Twilio first before sending SMS messages.

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