Lesson Items

Challenge Questions

Use challenge questions to review content with your team.

Assessment Questions

How assessment questions work in ConveYour.

Poll Questions

How poll questions work in ConveYour


How to setup a checklist for your players to complete

Add Files

Add and share files with your learners in ConveYour.

Open Ended Questions

How to setup an open ended question

Fill in the Blank Questions

How to setup a fill in the blank question

Stats Trackers

Find out about the ConveYour stats tracker and how you can use it.

Order Challenges

How order challenge questions work.


Using audio to enhance your learning programs in ConveYour

Embeds: Releasing Content to Learners from Embedded URL's

Release content to learners including: your own images, website URL's and files such as PDF's.

Email Blast

Learn about use cases for sending an email through your campaign or course in ConveYour.

Missing Word Challenge

The missing word challenge engagement format in ConveYour.


The ConveYour Calendly widget allows your contacts, reps, employees, or learners in your course book time with you using the embedded Calendly app.

Prep Social Post

Reward your followers social influence with prepped social posts.


Using the Typeform integration to include short surveys or questionnaires in ConveYour Lessons

Update Learner Profile

How the Update Learner Profile lesson item works in ConveYour

Video Upload

Using the Upload Video lesson item in ConveYour


Add a button within your ConveYour lesson to make an external link prominent and clear.