Order Challenges

Order challenges can help your audience remember activities in which a correct order of events is important.

  • You setup a question like "Order the following events from earliest to most recent."

  • Players must correctly sort the list of values you enter.

  • Players can keep trying until they get the right answer, by dragging and dropping the values in the list.

  • Players loose points each time they submit the wrong order.


  • You can subtract points per wrong order submission with Wrong Answer

  • When the player get's the right answer they get points based on max points

  • So the final score is like max points - wrong attempts * wrong answer points

Use cases

  • Order the following events in chronological order

  • Prioritize the following tasks based on....

  • What's the correct sequence assessing X situation?


  • Because order challenges aren't a simple multiple choice, it's best if you set the wrong answer amount to something reasonable. It may take players a few attempts to get the order right depending on the difficulty. The points structure is all up to you! Have fun with it.