At times you need to have your learners “listen” to information, or commentary. Other times, you may want to supply an audio version of the text to make your course more accessible. Either way, the Audio Lesson Item is a great addition to your course!

If you don’t need to make a video, and you want to support lesson with audio content - the audio lesson item is an interesting and unique addition to your lessons. Include a pre-recorded .mp3 file, or record your own voice on the fly!


  • commentary or reflections on a video or recent offsite/presentation you all attended

  • summary of a lesson with the key takeaways

  • share a relevant podcast episode

  • support a question for better accessibility by including the audio version of the question as well as the written

  • include an interesting tune or anthem

NOTE: If you want to include an external podcast episode, use the Embed URL lesson item!

Adding Audio as a Lesson Item

Most lesson items already include the option to include an image or audio to support the question or interactive piece, but you can also add audio as a stand-alone lesson item (such as a podcast episode inclusion - where you have the original .mp3 of the podcast episode):

Adding an Audio clip to a ConveYour lesson.See instructions below on adding a pre-recorded file or recording audio on the fly!

Including Audio as Support To Another Lesson Item

When you want to support a lesson by including an audio copy of the question, or if you want to direct the learner to listen to the audio and then respond to what they hear, you will click “SELECT/RECORD AUDIO”.

Adding Audio to a challenge question in ConveYour.This brings you to an interface, where you can choose an existing item from the media library. If you have no existing files to select, simply click “UPLOAD/RECORD FILE”.

An empty Media Library in ConveYour.You can either upload a file from your computer, or record audio on the fly using our internal recording mechanism:

Uploading audio into ConveYour's Library.If you choose record, you will need to allow ConveYour to use your microphone:

Giving ConveYour permission to use the microphone.Then click the blue button to start recording:

Starting to record audio on a computer.Again - if you need to include an external podcast episode or SoundCloud / BandCamp etc. use the EMBED URL lesson item.