Allow contacts, reps, employees, or learners schedule time with you using the Calendly widget Lesson Item.

Did you know ConveYour also has an integration with Calendly? This can help you to schedule appointments, follow-up conversations, or other scheduling options when you add this lesson item to your course in ConveYour.

Are you tired of the email circus, back and forth to schedule time with someone? It's much quicker to let them select an open and available time, and automate your confirmation right?

That's what Calendly can do for you. All you need is a Calendly account to get started.

Once you have your Calendly account open, you must enter your available dates and times, in order to open them to potential schedule.

We have an integration with Calendly, that allows your learners to schedule with you, using Calendly, from within your ConveYour course. They will be able to select a date, and time - based on the available dates and times you have already set.

Choosing an appointment date and time in Calendly.

When setting up the lesson item, once you have added it to your course, simply enter your scheduling URL into the space provided:

Setting up a Calendly widget in ConveYour.Customize your Button Text, and Success Message if you would like.

By default the scheduling is required in order to complete the lesson. However, if you complete the field "Skip Text" and enter how you would like to offer them the option to skip scheduling at this time, simply type in something short and friendly such as "Not now, thanks" or "Skip Scheduling". That allows them to opt out.

Auto Complete Fields Using ConveYour Data

You can also allow ConveYour to pass through data from the learner's profile into the Calendly scheduling widget. This is important: the Prefill Fields must appear in the same order as your Calendly account offers them. So check the preferences you have set in your Calendly account for data required to schedule, and make sure you have that exact match in the Prefill fields in the Lesson Item setup.

Alternatively you can click the X button to the right of the Prefill Fields to remove the pass through, which will ensure they must enter their data within the meeting sign-up.