Fill in the Blank Questions

The good ol' fill in the blank. It's a classic!

  • Write your question.

  • Create a list of acceptable answers.

  • Answers are not case-sensitive, but be sure to include all answers that apply

Animated GIF showing the Scoring

You can give participants a certain amount of points for submitting an answer that matches one of your acceptable answers.

Use Cases

  • Great when a multiple choice question would just give away the true answer

  • Factoid challenges

  • Recall technical terms (without giving them away)

  • Test correct term spelling not just recollection


We suggest avoiding asking people to answer a full sentence or phrase correctly unless it's a famous quote perhaps.

Fill In The Blank Setup

Ask the question, and include where the "blank" should be

Add image or audio support as needed

Add your answers

Select whether or not to include points

Add point amount

Setting up a