Update Learner Profile

If you have a group of contacts, who possibly signed up via webform, or you uploaded with missing or incomplete information - you may need to send them a prompt to update their profile within a lesson.

Enter the Update Learner Profile lesson item! This lesson item comes to you by popular demand, and allows you to integrate a question that prompts your group of contacts to complete their information. Maybe you need for them to add an updated mobile number. Perhaps you do not have their email address. Any single piece of contact data you need to include in each contact’s data set, you can now collect via update learner profile.

Use the lesson item when you need one additional piece of contact information from your course participants. Examples below include mobile phone. Another example might be collecting a physical address or a regional office location.

If you need to collect two or more pieces of information - simply add another "update learner profile" lesson item to the lesson. If you search for a data field that you want to collect - you should go into Settings > Fields and add that new field. (see links below)

Pose your question

Search for and select the appropriate field (data item you want to collect)

If you have existing data in the field that you need to hide from the contacts for some reason, select “Hide existing value from contact”

If you aren’t sure if you have completed information on some, but not others, select “Skip if already set” that way contacts wont be bothered filling out repeat information.

Click done editing

Need to add a custom field? Learn more about creating custom fields here >>

Sometimes, you have a very specific data point that is not common, but you would like to collect on all contacts. In that case, you will want to create that field first, in settings, and then add the lesson item to your course, and select your custom field. Follow the link above to learn how to create a custom field.