Email Blast

Emails can be scheduled to go out to your audience as part of a campaign - like a welcome email for example. You can also schedule emails to go out to a particular segment of your contacts using an automation.

NOTE: If you want to schedule an email blast to go out to everyone in a specific group use an automation!

You can:

  • Setup an email to be sent automatically.

  • Schedule email delivery based on date/time or when certain conditions are met.

  • Personalize your email subject line and message body with placeholders.

Use Cases

  • Drip email campaign

  • Create a 7 day email messaging reminders course

  • Automate re-engagement! Have an online learning course? Use email automation to re-engage members that haven't been seen or logged on for a while! (based on learner behavior)

  • Automate connection replies to new, incoming sales leads

From Within A Campaign

Set up one Send email, or a series of email messages from within a ConveYour's campaign. From Campaigns > Content

Drag the email lesson item to the lesson builder and configure as shown below

Set your timing in content setup for when you prefer the audience/learners receive this email.

Don't be afraid of placeholders! Simply select the two curly brackets icon in the email editor, and you can be prompted with options that will fill from your database when sent. This ensures your messages reach a person and doesn't feel so much like a general email blast.

  • select your "from" email address

  • use a template if this is a frequently sent message you have saved

  • write your subject line - and avoid "spammy" words like NOW, SALE or PROMO

  • compose the body of your email - Use placeholders to personalize your subject line and your greeting.


Learn more about placeholders

Using Automations to Schedule an Email Blast

If you want to schedule an email blast to go out to everyone in a specific group (not just people in a course or campaign) then use an automation!