Stats Trackers

Setup a Stats Tracker

With the stats Tracker, you can help your clients, employees, and prospects track their various important behaviors! Here are some examples.

  • Ask someone you are coaching "How many glasses of water did you drink today?"
  • Ask, "1-10 How present of mind were while on your calls with clients?"
  • Ask a sales rep "How many calls did you make today?" every day at 5pm.
  • Ask your patient what their pain level is each morning and how many hours of sleep they got.

The stats tracker question format, combined with ConveYour's metrics system, let's you build productized consulting and coaching apps to leverage your knowlege and existing services.

Tutorial Video!

Reset Schedule

By default, any data tracker question you setup will only run for a contact once. This would make it impossible to get consistent numbers from a participant daily or weekly. You can use the Reset Schedule field to set a time when this data tracker question will forget who already received this question. This way the question will be able to re-run on the correct contacts. Example : Reset this question every day at 10am.


  • Start with only 1-3 regular questions to ask people, than add more later.
  • Combine data trackers with embedded metrics to build killer offerings!