Stats Trackers

With the stats Tracker, you can help your clients, employees, and prospects track their various important behaviors!


  • Ask someone you are coaching "How many glasses of water did you drink today?"

  • Ask, "On a scale from 1-10, how present of mind were you while on your calls with clients this week?"

  • Ask a sales rep "How many calls did you make today?" every day at 5pm.

  • Ask your patient what their pain level is each morning and how many hours of sleep they got.

The stats tracker question format, combined with ConveYour's reporting system, helps you build consulting and coaching lessons to leverage your knowledge and existing services.

Animated gif of working through the ConveYour learner portal.

Use Cases

  • Measure a person's level at the beginning of a training program, and again at the end of the program

  • Schedule check-ins - as friendly nudge or reminder

  • Have someone assess themselves or their team on achievement or behavior

  • Gauge level of importance or opinion about a specific topic

Stats Tracker Settings

Ask your question

Provide an identifier for this stats tracker so that you can view the reporting and metrics for it later

Select an image or record audio to support the question

Determine whether or not to include points

Set points value

Add points multiplier if you wish to 'incentivize' a higher score based on their achievement, otherwise, keep this set to 0 (zero)

ConveYour Stats Tracker backend.