Content Trigger

Release Content

Release posts with your own images and paragraphs for reading.

Sometimes you simply want the audience to "see" something (release an image) or to read something, or give them an assignment - something to go and do.

Perhaps an open-ended question does not provide the audience with enough space to reflect on the question. Content sends can be very useful in this case, where the answer is likely to be more than a sentence or two.

For example: you might want to send a journaling task to your audience - and develop a journaling habit through a series of content triggers.


Another example - sending a graph, table or other image related to the task at hand. Users can expand the image to full-size window, or zoom in for a closer look:


When they have finished the task they can Mark as Completed - which lets you know they have reviewed the content you sent to them.

You can also send links (URL's) and written content as a linked PDF document where the PDF is hosted on an external server.