Embeds: Releasing Content to Learners from Embedded URL's

Enhance your lessons with images, text, files, and embedded links for learners.


Sometimes you simply want the audience to see something (release an image) or to read something, listen to something.
Often used to give them an assignment - something to go and do.


  • embed a graph, table, or image related to the task at hand. Users can expand the image to full-size window, or zoom in for a closer look.

  • embed audio from sound cloud

  • embed an article relevant to the content from a web page

  • embed an image for them to see, or visit that site, without stealing the image content

  • embed a relevant external or internal web-site URL

When setting up your lesson, you can include Website URL's using the Embed URL Lesson Item. Simply click and drag the Embed URL Lesson Item to your lesson canvas. Use embedded URL's when you want to feature and article from your site, or reference an external resource. You can also embed just about anything such as a SoundCloud audio clip, a web image, or even a Yahoo or Google Map location, or practically any other interesting interactive widget on the Web.

All you need is the link or URL - copy the URL from your browser window, and paste it into your Embed lesson item where it says "URL to embed", (be sure to include the FULL URL, including the https:// ) then click DONE EDITING. Save your lesson, and close, or save then test.

Adding an Embed URL to a ConveYour Lesson.paste full URL - including the https:// when adding your link to the lesson item

Best practice after saving - be sure to test out your content to see how it will display to the leaner. Notice that it will pull in a featured image - if supplied - for the webpage, along with the Meta Description of the page.

embedding a related web page (URL) using the Embed lesson item looks like this in lesson:

Viewing the Embed in the ConveYour learner portal.The flexibility of lessons also would allow you to ask questions, include audio or video - making the lessons very engaging and highly interactive!