Sometimes you need to collect more information on conduct a more in-depth survey. Or, you have a Typeform account, and would like to incorporate a short survey form into your ConveYour experience. ConveYour Lesson Items include a Typeform item, and here is a brief explanation how to use it.

ConveYour embeds the form, but also passes “hidden” typeform fields into Typeform. The data collected will show up in your Typeform account. It’s a nice add-on, when you want to send some data from the ConveYour learner into your Typeform account.

The data flow is a one way process from ConveYour through the embedded Typeform. You just need the form ID - from a form you created in Typeform.

With the Typeform embed, you can ALSO include hidden fields with values, but they should match fields you also have in Typeform Learn more here:https://www.typeform.com/help/a/using-hidden-fields-360052676612/

You have to line up the hidden field values to the form fields you actually have available in Typeform; it’s not automatic.

In the screenshot below - see that you can click ADD to add additional “hidden” fields to pass them through the URL from ConveYour. Hidden Fields must be written in lower-case letters. Once you have created a form in typeform, you will grab the Typeform form ID. Paste it in Form ID.

Complete Form Button Text - encourages start the survey or start filling out the form.

Success Message - short text to thank them for participating

Any additional “hidden fields” you want to be sure to pass with the form data are added below the complete for text.

Creating a Typeform item in a ConveYour lesson. Form ID, Complete Form Button Text, Success Message, Keys and Values.

Data passed via the URL from Hidden Fields from ConveYour will appear in your Typeform Responses.

When to Use Typeform @

Typeform is wonderful for submitting information that is shortly valued (like registering for something).

If you just need to collect more learner information, then perhaps the “Update Learner Profile” lesson item is the better route. Update Learner Profile allows for adding additional learner-specific information such as:  uploading “avatar” pictures, or adding their mobile number, etc.

But if you want to send a short survey or questionnaire, Typeform integration in Lesson Items may be the way to go!