Poll Questions

Poll Questions

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Polls are great when the answer to your question is subjective; when there is no answer better than the others.

Polls work well when you are trying to gauge where your audience stands on a certain question or topic. It also allows participants to see how their answer falls within the spectrum of the other participants. (or hide their results when the material is sensitive)

  • Polls are multiple choice.
  • No points as answers are subjective. No answer is better than the others.
  • Results can be shared amongst participants to see industry trends, community best practices, etc. You can choose to show or not show the results to participants. Showing results can reassure respondents that they are "not alone" in their attitudes or opinions.


None.. Check out assessments if you want weighted answers.


  • What method do you currently use to solve X?
  • What was your favorite part of the conference?
  • Which of these books did you find most helpful?
  • What's your favorite way to...?
  • Which of these marketing practices has worked best for you?

Use Cases

  • Gain understanding of audience attitudes or position before you present
  • Gathering interest
  • Creating community value with shared industry best practices
  • Increase audience participation - Live poll your sheepish audience! Poll for sentiment while speaking!

The following video can shed some light on this topic - and help you to create your first poll.