Missing Word Challenge

Recall important key messages, mantras and slogans!

The Missing Word Challenge engagement format is and effective teaching tool when there is a key saying, mantra, or words-to-live-by that you want learners to retain.

The format is a sentence with blanks, or missing words, that learners are challenged to drag and drop in to complete the sentence.

In contrast, the "fill-in-the-blank" engagement requires recall of a specific word, the missing words quiz utilizes drag and drop of multiple words within the saying. If words are placed incorrectly, the incorrect words return to starting position, and the learner gets to try again. This engagement format is less about recall, and more about creating an "activation moment" for memory, and another opportunity for exposure to this key message.

These missing word challenges work best with very short sayings or slogans.

Some use case scenarios:

Establishing cultural norms within a workgroup. Is there a key saying or slogan people rally around? Familiarize new hires with this saying using the Missing Words Challenge!

Critical or frequently used statistics. Does your sales team need to keep some critical facts or figures top-of-mind? Use the Missing Words Challenge in your training program.

Preferred responses to frequently asked questions. When your team needs to establish a consistent message to clients or prospects about a topic that comes up often, use the Missing Words Challenge to support recall of the preferred response.

Key takeaway, mantra, or slogan. Does your training contain a key message that you want the audience to be sure to remember - days, weeks or months after the training? The Missing Words Challenge could be your best tool for recall.

Animated gif of a user doing the missing words challenge format in ConveYour.

Missing Words Setup

Write your text using the {{word}} double curly brackets to "placeholder" the correct word

Select and image or record audio to support your question/challenge

Determine whether or not you want to include points

Determine if you want to include "wrong" anwers in the setup

Add wrong answers, separate each by a comma

Set points value for max points

Set subtraction value for each wrong answer

Preview the setup below the Done Editing button to ensure it looks like you expect it to

Setting up a missing words challenge in ConveYour.