Challenge Questions

Challenge questions are a great example of using the socratic method to challenge someone's understanding of a concept or fact. Challenge questions will result in variable scores, based on how well each person does with their question. Because of the varied scoring and points distribution, this type of question is great to use in friendly competitions where you want to offer a prize or reward to the top-scoring participant.

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  • Multiple choice

  • There's only one right answer. However, participants can keep trying until they get the right answer.

  • There's a slight timed point reduction to break leaderboard ties more easily when speed bonus it selected.


  • You can subtract points per Wrong Answer

  • When the player get's the right answer they get points based on max points

  • Speed bonus: calculates more points for those who can answer quickly and accurately

  • We subtract a few points for how long it takes to answer!

  • So a final score is like max points - wrong attempts * wrong answer points - a few points for time it took to answer

Challenge Question Updates

How the Speed Bonus Works

Challenge Question Setup

Add your question

Enter your answers

Select the Correct Answer

If you only want to allow 1 opportunity to answer - click on Single Submission - otherwise they will have multiple attempts to answer until they get it correct (and points can decrease for each incorrect attempt).

Chose whether or not to include points, and set the points total (Max Points)

Set wrong answer subtraction amount (ensure it wont reduce points to zero if they have multiple attempts)

Speed Bonus - turn this option on if you want people who answer quickly to score max points

Setting up a challenge question in ConveYour.