Assessment Questions

  • Multiple choice

  • Similar to a poll BUT with one main distinction. Each answer you provide can have a different points value so that participants can receive points based on their answer.

Assessments vs Polls

Polls are great when the answer to your question is subjective; when there is no answer better than the others.

Polls work well when you are trying to gauge where your audience stands on a certain question or topic. It also allows participants to see how their answer falls within the spectrum of the other participants.

Assessments work well when one answer they select could be perceived as a better answer than the others. Therefore, the answers have a scale of points assigned highest for best answer to lowest for the least desirable answer.

Each answer is associated with a different point value.

Assessments are a better fit for questions like "How many times did you look at your phone in the last hour?". In this case you might want to have answers like none!, Just once, A few times, A ton of times, I'm addicted help!. Then with each option you could give a sliding scale of points with none! having the highest amount of points.


Very simple. Players receive the amount of points you set for a given answer option.


  • Which of the following BEST describes (X) ....?

  • How would you rate your...?

Use Cases

  • Pre-assess a student's understanding on a topic prior to a larger course.

  • Help your prospects identify where they need help so you can provide a better solution.

  • Provide an assessments prior to coaching or consultation calls.

Assessment Question Setup

Ask your question

Add an image or audio related to the question as needed

Select Show Points - if you want learners to see their score, deselect if you do not

Share results with the team, or select Hide Results if you want to hide cumulative results from the team (names are not shown)

Enter your answers on the left column, and points value on the right column

Add Option allows you to add even more answers/point combos