Introduction to Email in ConveYour

What sort of things can I do?

  • Schedule a special email offer to a website visitor 2 hours after they visited the sign-up page for your micro-learning course!

  • Schedule an email to introduce learners to a course/campaign, or to follow-up

  • Send messages to groups of contacts if needed, and view results/metrics

  • Send messages to individuals

  • Automated messages can be sent to specific contacts that meet certain conditions

  • Send personalized emails to multiple contacts at the same time using placeholders


From Reporting > Sent Messages view SMS and EMAIL stats:

  • Number of Sent messages

  • Number of people who opened it

  • Number of people who replied

  • Number of people who clicked-thru (if link included in message)

  • Number of people who unsubscribed

There are 3 types of messages

Individual Messaging

Individual messages are sent to single contacts:

  • From main menu select Contacts

  • Open a contact profile simply by clicking on the arrow next to the name from your List

  • Send messages by clicking on more > Send New Email

  • Messages show up as new threads with email, and a single thread with text messages

Group Messaging

Segmenting your list of contacts based on certain criteria is one way to target your audience and send very personalized messages to a specific group.

  • Create groups from your list of contacts based on certain conditions

  • Conditions are pre-determined fields with targeted distribution (i.e. total points "is more than" 1000)

  • Set up an email send as a lesson item in your course to schedule the email to all learners.

  • Dynamically pull in data from your contacts' profile information into your messaging, personalize the messages, using placeholders

Automated Messaging

  • Automate your marketing & support using automations

  • Automated messages are only sent once to contacts, or groups that meet a certain condition (i.e. send a congratulatory message once a contact achieves more than 1000 points in a course or challenge)

  • Email message blasts can be associated with participants in a course/campaign using an automation as well. (i.e. send an announcement to all learners in your course)


You can use placeholders within group emails while still making the message personal. Fields placeholders pull contact data into the placeholder space when the message is sent.