Filtering and Condition Examples

If you haven't read groups filtering and setup - check it out for video examples on creating filters. Here we offer visual examples of several commonly-used scenarios.

ConveYour groups have a very robust way of filtering your contacts.

Remember, groups are JUST a filter on your entire contact list. They don't actually hold anyone. This is the real power of building dynamic groups!

What if you could?

  • Send a video text out to your top weekly learners?

  • Reach out to those learners that are not engaging or underperforming?

  • Introduce a new course or challenge based on a contact's completion of a course/campaign?

  • Send a specific article or PDF resource to a contact based on how they answered a poll?

Below are visual examples of how you can create conditions to group together specific segments of your entire contact list.

Filter By Contact Data/Attributes

These filters are the most simple to setup. You are just creating filters to find find contacts where something in their profile either does or does not match a condition.

Find sales leads "tagged" as warm

Filtering filters to only those tagged as Filter by tags

Find contacts by company name

Filtering ConveYour contacts by company name.

Two Filters: Find new hires within a specific region

Filtering Contacts in ConveYour by new hires in the Southwest region.stacking conditions, hire date and region

By Contact Activity/Behavior

So the above contact attribute conditions where simple filters finding contacts where the contact data profiles matched a given state. But where ConveYour's group conditions really get powerful is when you want to segment by learner / contact behavior!

Find contacts that completed a lesson.

Filtering ConveYour Contacts that have completed a certain lesson.Filter by completed a specific lesson

See the above image and then read through this. Here's how the conditions work in plain English:

The contact completed the lesson, where the lesson was titled "06 Checklist Challenge", at anytime.

Contacts that completed a specific item in a lesson within the last week

Filtering ConveYour Contacts by those who completed a challenge within the last week.recently answered a question in a lesson item

Contacts who have completed a course -

ConveYour tracks the percentage of completed lesson items as a learner moves through the course. You can therefore see who has completed a course by looking at their Course Progress:

Filtering ConveYour Contacts by those who have fully completed a training course.completed a course - a.k.a. campaign progress is 100%

Answered a specific way in a poll or assessment question

Filtering ConveYour Contacts by those who answered a certain challenge question.

Contacts that HAVE NOT finished watching a video

Of course, you can set the video to "must watch" in your video lesson item within course setup, when it's important that the learner view all of the video, as in a compliance training course!

Filtering ConveYour Contacts by those who have not completed watching a training video.Reach out to us, if you do not see your example here, and let us know what you are looking to measure, or group contacts by. Happy to brainstorm ideas with you!