An Introduction

What are they?

Big Picture: Groups are just saved segments from your larger contact list.

With groups, you'll be able to organize your tribe, your employees, your students (all of your contacts in ConveYour) into smaller, manageable lists. You'll be able use these groups as a stepping off point to send text messages, emails, or other engagement formats like polls or challenges.

They are dynamic

Groups do not save a static list of contacts they save only the condition/query to lookup contacts on the fly. Groups only select the contacts that match their condition at any given time.

Where do I go?

Go to Main Menu > Groups

ConveYour Groups

What can I do with Groups?

  • Send the group a text... on the fly or send them an email

  • Export a spreadsheet list of this group's set of contacts

  • Share this group list to another of my colleagues or team members

  • Schedule automations to message, tag, or add groups to your course/campaign

  • Share a folder of lessons to a group

The group's context menu for each group, shown below (the 3 dot button menu), includes the options described above. Messaging group members via SMS (text) or email is easy. Simply click Text Group or Email Group, type your message, and send!

Options menu for a specific ConveYour group.

Need a list of this group? Simply export the members of the group as a .csv spreadsheet list of contacts, by clicking Export Contacts.

Advanced settings allow you to assign team members (such as a regional manager) a default group - and limits their view and management of only that group. You can also share groups with other team members. Learn about sharing with other collaborators >>

The Group Settings menu in ConveYour.

Greater Flexibility for Groups with Automations!

  • Schedule a text or email to go out at a specific time using Automation settings

  • Add the group to a new course (otherwise known as campaigns)

  • Remove this group from a campaign

  • Adaptive learning based on learner activity or achievement

  • Add a "tag" to this group

Adding a tag to contact profiles is another powerful way to further segment contacts. For example, I can add a tag to any learner who completes a course. Then I can create a group that adds any and all learners as soon as they get "tagged" as completed. Then maybe I can send them kudos for completion and will know that they are ready to move forward, and perhaps add them to the next course in a series.

Using Groups in combination with Automations offers you so much flexibility. You can get very creative with how you use groups to segment your audience, your employees, or your learners! Reach out to us for some additional ideas on how you can make groups work for you, or create adaptive learning experiences!

How do I start creating a Group?

Learn how to set up a group here >>

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