Sharing a Folder of Lessons to Specific Groups

One question we get a lot about lessons, is "Can I share lessons with a group of people, outside of a course or campaign?"

You can! Simply share a folder of lessons with a group.

One use case for this is:

Say you have a sales team that you are in charge of training. Now - they are moving about the country or worldwide, and you want to provide reference material for them. Sharing a folder of lessons with this group puts the information at their fingertips - that they can access from anywhere at any time, as long as they have an internet connection! They just need to be part of your contact list, and part of a group!

Another scenario might be the desire to share lessons to a group of learners who have completed a course, but want them to be able to access the lessons in a non-linear way. You simply want to give them access without putting them into a course where the lessons would be presented in a specific order.

Campaigns vs Lesson Folders

First, let's differentiate a course/campaign from a lesson folder. ConveYour Campaigns are a more planned and calculated way of pushing training content out (releasing specific sets of lessons on a specific schedule, usually with SMS or email alerts). Sharing a folder of lessons is a great practice when you want to share on-demand, on-the-job or reference types of training. This is more of a pull strategy, as the audience can search for and select the content they want to consume on-demand.

Share a Folder of Lessons to Groups of Learners

With the Share to Group feature available in lessons, you can share an entire folder of lessons to one or more groups of contacts/learners.

Using the context menu for the folder, select Share to Group.
The and select your group

Choose your group, and Share to Group.

Now this group has a wonderful set of lessons to refer to anytime!

In their portal from the home screen - they can utilize the drop menu at top left, to find lessons.
Clicking on Lessons - reveals the folder of reference material:
The lesson folders in the ConveYour learner portal.

Search Topics Within Lesson Folders

In addition to pushing reference materials out to the group, your team has the ability to search by topic. Your group can conduct a keyword search to come up with the exact lesson containing the information they are interested in. This is a time-saving convenience for off-site staff, and for sales teams in the field.

Ask us how you can use Lessons and Folders to provide robust reference material for your team!

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