An Introduction

The lesson builder empowers you to create modular content that conveys a key learning concept, communicated using a variety of items including video, audio, engagements, messages and files.

The advantage of creating lessons is that you can include lessons in multiple campaigns or courses. Build once, use multiple times!

Where do I find Lessons?

Access your lessons from Main Menu > Lessons

Once in, select New > Lesson.
The Lessons menu in ConveYour.At this point you can select 'create from scratch', or you can 'start with sample content'. Starting with sample content offers you several quick-start options to get you going right away. What is the main objective of your lesson?
The New Lesson menu in ConveYour.

The Lessons Canvas

The left side of the screen offers various lesson items or engagement formats briefly described on each card. To use a lesson item (or "engagement") by simply clicking/draging it to the "lesson stage".

When configuring a lesson, you can drag lesson items from the items list at left to the stage at right. Pictured below - configuring a lesson with multiple items:
The Lesson Configuration menu in ConveYour.The lesson items include messaging options, video audio or web content, and other engagment formats (challenges, missing words, polls). A detailed description of each Engagement Format is here

Learn details about building lessons here >>

Once a lesson is built, notice that the estimated time to complete the lesson is displayed conveniently in your lesson list, along with the number of items contained within the lesson. This is helpful when building courses, and selecting lessons to include in the course/campaign.
ConveYour Lessons menu showing off the search function.You can organize your lessons into folders, and display them as cards in a grid or simply as a list - which you can select from the top menu.
A folder view of ConveYour lessons.The best thing is, once the the lesson is built, you can now select it as an engagement within other courses or "campaigns". Build once, use in multiple areas!

NOTE: The lesson can be used in multiple courses, and added to folders to be shared with a group. If you need to make a change to that original lesson - that change will be reflected in all instances of that lesson, in all courses where the lesson appears. So, it's important to make a copy of a lesson if you want to use a similar but different version of it.

Think of lessons like the layers of an onion or a jawbreaker. Items, or Engagements are the learning elements within your lesson. Lessons are then embedded into your course/campaign and scheduled to release to learners.

Other Helpful Documents

Below is a list of elements you can include in lessons! We refer to the interactive elements as "engagement formats"

The Edit Lesson menu in ConveYour.