Working with Video

A video lesson item, requires: - pasting the video's sharing URL (web address) - deciding if you want to showcase the video by itself - deciding whether or not to make it a requirement (must watch) - setting custom start and stop times if necessary

Videos can be featured on their own page, or grouped with other CONTENT such as text, audio, or a downloadable. Simply select "Showcase video by itself" if you want the video to be on it's own "page".

Notice that you can also choose a custom beginning and end point within longer videos to only show the necessary section of a video related to the lesson's objective.

You can also designate a specific CONTENT item to be the start of a new section. If you do not choose for an item to 'start a new section', it will be grouped with the content above it. CONTENT items include: text, embedded items, buttons, and files. See below how you can force a content item to be the start of a new section.

Often a Text Lesson Item is shown with the video in order to provide context for the video.

Keep in mind - other question engagement formats (questions, challenges, polls, and assessments) will ALWAYS be featured by themselves on a separate section within the lesson.

YouTube - private vs. unlisted

Vimeo - privacy explained

Wistia - on sharing videos

Vidyard - access settings

Other Helpful Documents