Building Lessons for Engaging Learning Experiences

The lesson builder is the tool that allows you to quickly build engaging content for your learners. If you are not familiar with ConveYour Lessons, start here.

Let's build a simple lesson! (5 minute video)

How do I create a lesson?

Access your lessons from Main Menu > Lessons, then select New > Lesson

Lessons menu in ConveYour.You can start with an example lesson - or you can start a new lesson from scratch:

Options for building a new lesson in ConveYour.Choose from scratch - and you immediately enter the empty lesson builder. (Start with sample content may be a good place to start so that you can see some examples of lesson setup!)

In Lesson Builder - Notice that the time and date of the lessons, at top left, is actually the default name of this lesson.

An empty, new lesson in ConveYour.Click in the date/time to rename your lesson, to a theme/title you will recognize this lesson by going forward. The name your audience will see is established when creating your course/campaign as you add content to the course.

If you selected "Show more options" you can also add an image associated with the lesson and tags - to help your learners search for and quickly find this lesson for later reference:

Configuring a new lesson in ConveYour.The left side, or configuration panel, of the screen offers various lesson items a.k.a. engagement formats.

To use a LESSON ITEM (engagement or interactive content) simply drag it to the "stage" at right.

Adding Challenge Questions to a Lesson in ConveYour.Edit the lesson item contents, and save as you build by clicking the SAVE button at top right. Add multiple lesson items, such as video or audio, a question, and perhaps a downloadable piece of content or embedded URL (webpage) for learner reference.

Once the items are on the stage, you can easily change the order of these lesson item engagements by clicking and dragging the cards.

Rearranging Lesson items in ConveYour.After you have added your lesson items, test your lesson by clicking on Save, then Test using the TEST button on the top right of the lesson canvas.

Testing a Lesson in ConveYour.Lessons can include many lesson items or few. If you include video or audio - we suggest keeping the lesson short, less than 5 minutes in length.

Learn more about lesson items and engagement formats available in lessons >>

Continue dragging content items to stage (if multiple items are necessary for the learning outcomes) and configuring them. Click save at top right frequently while working. Test the lesson as you work, and Save when complete.

The best thing is, now that the lesson is built, you can now utilize this lesson within your courses a.k.a. "campaigns" again and again.

NOTE: The lesson can be used in multiple courses, and added to folders to be shared with a group. If you make a change to that original lesson - that change will be reflected in all instances of that lesson, in all courses where the lesson appears.

Be sure to make a copy of your lesson, and rename it - if you need to make an adjustment for one group of learners, and it's specific to them.

Can I copy and paste a Lesson Item from One Lesson to Another?

Yes - you can. When you have a perfect lesson that's already built, and you want to copy one particular lesson item and paste it into another lesson in a different lesson builder - you can do that. We suggest having ConveYour open in two browser windows. Open the original lesson in one browser window. Using the Lesson Item context menu, select Copy to Clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard - copies the lesson item to your temporary memory

Then, simply open the new lesson you are building and paste (Cmd or Ctrl+V) the lesson item in.

Test Lessons in a Campaign to Get a Feel for the Order and Flow of the Course

You don't need to complete campaign setup, in order to add content and test out your course. If you want to get a feel for your course as you are building lessons, build out a quick campaign to see how they fit together:

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