Adding Lessons to Your Course

This document assumes you have already started building a course/campaign. If you have not yet started your campaign, get started here.

In this section you will learn:

  • Adding the Lesson to a Course/Campaign

  • How to add messaging or alerts for this content.

  • Drip and Content Scheduling strategies.

  • Releasing and Testing Your Content

How do I add content to my course?

Let's start by adding a lesson to the course.

Show available content by clicking on content to toggle arrow to display your content possibilities. Lessons is first on the list, so we'll start there.

Assuming you have built your lessons for this campaign, click and drag lesson the the content stage. At this point the lesson "card" is marked as an incomplete draft:

click anywhere on the card to get into the scheduling zone

On the left panel (scheduling) you can:

  • Name your lesson - this is a name your audience will see it as in the list

  • Choose when it should release as dripped content or select a specific date Learn more about scheduling content >>

  • Select the order in which it should appear (particularly if there will be more than one lesson at this date/time)

  • Determine if the lesson needs to expire (just leave this alone if there is no expiration)

  • AND you can even apply this lesson to only certain contacts if they meet certain conditions. Use this sparingly because it limits who will see this lesson.

On the right side (lesson components and alerts) you can :

  • Select/Change/Edit your lesson

  • Select an image related to this lesson, upload your own or grab one from the gallery

  • Set your alerts and messages to let your audience know they have content they can engage with. You can use text messaging, email, or both!

Learn More About Building Lessons for Inclusion >>

Timing - When Content is Sent

Generally - you will be sending content included in lessons, text messages, or email messages. When you add them to the content stage, and set the TIMING you are determining WHEN this content will be released. Learn more about scheduling content >>

Release the Lesson

When you have completed editing your timing and alerts (if necessary) Select "Release" at top right to deploy the lesson within the course/campaign.

What's the easiest way to release more than one lesson at a time?

NEW! Multi-Lesson releases

Test Your Course

From the Content Zone of Campaign Builder, you can test the course in it's entirety by clicking the "TEST" button in the top right:

Using the Device Simulator, you can view how the content appears on mobile phones, tablets, or a desktop computer:

If you sign yourself up for the course, then you really get a feel for the beginning-to-end experience your learners will have when starting your course. We recommend always testing from the learner's point of view before launching a course/campaign.

Learn more about testing the course from the learner point of view here >>

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