How Can I Add Contacts to Campaigns/Courses?

This document covers:

  • Getting started with contacts in your ConveYour account

  • Adding Contacts to your ConveYour Master List (links)

  • Adding 1 New Contact to a Campaign - great for testing, or adding latecomers

  • Viewing Learner Progress

  • Viewing From the Learner Perspective (Portal)

Where do I start with contacts?

First Things First - If you have no contacts yet in your ConveYour account, you cannot add existing contacts to a campaign/course. If you are new to ConveYour - you may not have any contacts yet. You need to first add them to your master list in order for them to be available to add to campaigns. If you don't have any contacts added to your account yet, you should see the warning letting you know you need to add contacts (shown below):

Adding existing contacts into a ConveYour campaign.

Add a Single Contact to your ConveYour Master List, or Upload Multiple Contacts

Typically, you will want to add multiple contacts to your ConveYour platform master list that you have exported from an email software database, or other CRM you currently utilize. ConveYour can handle your contacts whether you are adding one potential business contact that you just met or a list of employees. The master list simply refers to all contacts you have in your ConveYour platform.

In the video below, Jason discusses how this works:

Learn how to add a single contact to ConveYour here >>
Learn how to upload multiple contacts to your ConveYour master list here >>

Now - when you upload a group of contacts to ConveYour - we automatically create a group for you! Leverage the auto-created group to use an automation to add them to your campaign/course.

Where do I add learners/contacts to my campaign or course?

From Campaigns Setup - choose Contacts Then, add contacts manually by setting some simple parameters to search contacts, and by selecting multiple contacts to add to your course/campaign.

Can I import new contacts directly into my course from the campaign?

Actually - no. You can only add existing contacts directly to a campaign. If you need to upload new contacts to your platform, you will need a .csv file of contact data to import them into your account first - also referred to as the Master List. When you upload contacts in this way, ConveYour automatically creates a group for you, and you can use an automation to add this group to your course/campaign.

Importing Contacts

To add contacts to your ConveYour account, you will need to have a spreadsheet ready (in .csv format vs. .xlsx or .xlsx) The CSV file is more universal, where the CS simply means "comma separated". You can export contacts in this format from virtually every email client or database, Microsoft Excel, Google Pages, etc.

Learn More About Importing Contacts >>

Add Existing Contacts to the Campaign

To add multiple existing contacts to your campaign FILTER search by specific parameters (or "conditions"), and select those who you wish to participate by checking the box next to their name.

Filters work by selecting a contact attribute, an operator, and a value, based on contact information fields that exist in your database. For example, you might have sales contacts listed where the attribute is "status", the operator "is" and the value "warm".

Add contacts to a ConveYour Campaign.On the bottom right of the search contacts box, click the Add # button.

NOTE: The contacts will receive any confirmation messages you have set up for the campaign as soon as they are added to the campaign.

If you are adding contacts to a campaign in this way, it's very important to keep in mind the messaging that they will receive - their first contact - from you. It can make an impression, and if the timing isn't right, they may ignore the message, or think it's a SMISHING scam.

If TIMING of the welcome messaging is important, consider using an automation to schedule adding contacts to a course/campaign. Creating a group automation, and adding them at a scheduled time can prevent surprise messages from coming at them at inopportune times.

Keep in mind - when you Import Contacts - they are loading into your general ConveYour account (not a specific Campaign/Course). Once loaded, participants can be added to the Campaign/Course by selecting "Add Existing Contacts" within your Campaign Setup > Contacts. You can add a group of contacts to your course using an Automation.

Using an Automation

Automations include "Add Contact to Campaign" and can be used to automatically add participants to a campaign on a specific date, at a specific time. The advantage of using an automation is that you can schedule this action to occur when contacts match certain conditions such as all new hires (tagged as "new" or after a certain date) add them to an onboarding course, or anyone matching a certain company name - add them to a specific course just for that company. In this way, you can automate the action Add Contact to Campaign, and schedule when you want that first interaction to take place.

Learn More About Automations >>

Can I add one contact only to my course for testing?

Yes - and it's recommended that you do a test from the learner's perspective first, before you add your group of contacts to the course/campaign. If you just want to add one contact to the course/campaign for testing, simply use the search field at the top left in your Campaign Setup > Contacts > Add Existing Contacts to 'Find Contact' - and add just the one.

Can I quietly add contacts to the campaign without alerting them?

Yes, using an automation, you can easily add a group of contacts to a course/campaign and select "Disable All Confirmations" when learners are added. A use-case here might be a presentation or a lecture, and then you later direct them to start interacting with the course via group messaging. The advantage of this is that the contacts will already be aware of the course, and be expecting messaging to direct them to their interactive course.

How do I view individual learner progress?

You can view learner progress from Contacts within the campaign and look at their portal. Simply click on View Portal from the contact's submenu. (3 dot submenu next to their contact information on the right side).

Viewing and editing Contacts in a Campaign.Get to this deeper level of participation details by looking at their activity feed, by selecting "Show Progress". "View Portal" gives you insight into exactly what they are seeing in their portal view of the course.

Viewing progress for Contacts in a Campaign.View an individual's overall progress, and how the individual performed on each question:

The Lessons Report in ConveYour.Learn about group insights for all participants in Campaigns Stats >>

Can I see what the course looks like from an individual learner's point of view?

Yes! What a great way to gain an understanding of what they are experiencing in your course - or how far along the individual has progressed. From Contacts > Contact submenu - View Learner portal reveals this person has completed 4/5 lessons and has completed 80% of the course.

The ConveYour learner portal.

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