Campaigns - Templates

Campaign templates make it really easy to reuse an entire course or campaign content again.

This is why campaign templates are so powerful! The ability to reuse an entire group of actions leads to some very powerful applications.

Here are some great examples of reusing campaigns as a "product".

For Speaking Events

Turn your content into a reusable engagement tool. Create a campaign, add your lessons and messages in the course/campaign. Create a template from the original, and then for each event, just fire up a new campaign based on your template. Invite participants to join, and benefit from the review!

For Individual Companies

Turn your boring onboarding program into an interactive experience on ConveYour's mobile platform. Import the new employee roster, and allow them to complete standard tasks, review policy, and download required paperwork.

Getting Started

Choose Campaigns from the main menu. Select Templates.

Within templates, select 'Create Template' from top right. Most often you will be creating a template from an existing campaign/course that you want to reuse.

Create a New Campaign from the Template

From your list of templates, you can select "Create Campaign" now from your the template submenu (the 3 dot context menu on right end of the template named).

Reset Campaign/Course Parameters

Now that you have this new campaign based on the template, you will want to reset the campaign/course information and settings.

Learn more about course/campaign setup here >>

Update timing for your lessons - scheduling or "dripping" out content

You will also want to check the timing of your content and lessons, to ensure they are scheduled to go out when you want lessons to be released, and in the order you would like them to be delivered. You will also want edit the text if anything has changed since the last time you used this course information.

If you want all lessons to be available for the learner, as in a self-paced course, simple set all lessons to "Release Immediately".

After editing your Campaign's parameters, timing and content, you are ready to invite participants to join the campaign!