Embed Methods

One way to get people signed up for your ConveYour campaign/course is to embed a sign-up form into a web page. We offer two easy ways to grab some code, and insert it into your page and allow people to quickly sign-up for your course or campaign.

From Campaign Setup, simply click on Invite tools. You will see that there are 2 embed options. "Embed Landing Page" and "Embed Registration Form".

Embed Landing Page

'Embed Landing Page' means that you intend to use the full version of the information you have provided in your campaign setup, including course description, associated image or video, the sign-up form and the join us button. Simply copy the HTML code provided, go into your website content manager of choice, start a new page, and be sure you are in HTML edit mode.

Paste the code into your HTML editor, and then test the page by viewing it in a browser window.

For the landing page to work well for sign-up, you need to ensure that you have all the pertinent information available for the audience.

This includes: - campaign information - landing page settings

Learn more about entering Campaign Info >>

Learn more about Landing Page Settings >>

The other option is very simple - just embed a simple form into any web page.

Embed Registration Form

Embed Registration Form - is used for webpages or unique landing pages you have designed, where you want to drive traffic to the course in a colorful way, and have designed a custom page.

For some, the basic landing page generated by ConveYour is enough. It's simple, it's easy, and it's a unique URL - possibly hidden on purpose from your commercial publicly-facing website.

For others, they just want more pizzazz for their pages, and they want to design effective landing pages designed to spur the audience into action and inspire them to sign up!

Simply copy this HTML code - go to the page where you want to embed the form - make sure you are in HTML editing mode, and paste the code. When you preview the page in a web browser window - you should see your form embedded in the page. Simple!

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