How to Require a Passing Grade

By popular request, we have integrated the “must pass” feature for ConveYour lessons. The passing grade feature is best used with our Challenge Question engagement in lessons and supports learning program retention in two ways:

  • by sending the learner back for review, if they did not answer correctly the first time, they review the information immediately, in the moment, rather than simply moving forward

  • through repetition of the information the learner is more likely to remember the piece of information being taught

The following video reviews the setup for requiring a passing grade on a lesson containing a challenge question.

Passing Grade Required Setup

Challenge questions are unique because they allow the learner to answer multiple times for this multiple-choice question, until they get it right. Therefore it works really well with the Passing Grade Required feature.

You must first create the Lesson that includes the Challenge Question. You can do this in Lessons, or while you are building content within your campaign. Lesson shown below contains video content, followed by a challenge question:

Within the Campaign > Content, you are selecting the lessons to include in your course/campaign. It is here, in Content Setup, that you make the choices about how the lesson is delivered, including setting a banner image, setting alerts to let the audience know the lesson is released to them and now the Passing Grade Required feature.

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In the content item setup, you will now find the passing grade required located under the Banner Image selection:

Select “Passing Grade Required” to enable this feature

Then set the percentage that they must achieve in order to register a passing grade. For example, in a Challenge Question with 4 possible answers, if the learner answers incorrectly the first time, but answers correctly the second time, they will have achieved an 82%. If it’s important that your learners get this question 100% right - set the number to 100. However, if you want to allow for a little bit of wiggle room to consider a pass, and allow for the first try to be incorrect, then you might set the number to 75 (or 75%).

Next, you will set the “failure” message. We suggest a message that speaks not to failure but to practice or try again to soften the blow.

Because passing grade is based on a percentage of correct attempts to failed attempts, the passing grade feature works best with engagements in lessons that allow for multiple attempts at completion such as:

  • challenge questions

  • order challenges

  • missing words quiz

Failure GIF image (optional)

AND... you can include a funny little animated GIF that is intended to just create a little humor around the missed question, while encouraging them to try again. The animated GIF is optional, but it adds a bit of humor and again, encouraging, not shaming.

At the time of this writing, we do not include the ability to customize the animated GIF. The system currently chooses one from about 9 we have built in at random.

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