The Hashtag Method

The hashtag offers you a great tool for inviting people to sign-up for follow-up courses or live interactive experiences while you are speaking, or after a performance/presentation.

From your Campaigns > Invite Tools you can scroll through to see this method as an option to get people signed up for your course, training program or promo campaign. It also is a great way for you to test your ConveYour course/campaign from the learner's point of view.

Creating a sign up hashtag in ConveYour.Be sure the hashtag word you choose is simple. One word is best. If you must use two words, a hyphen can be used.

Also - make sure you have set up your welcome messages in Campaigns > Registration and Confirmation.

Here's a scenario:

Say you are a speaker/presenter and you want people who have attended your event to stay connected or join a follow-up campaign you have created. And, you supply your ConveYour number, and ask them to send a text to that number using their mobile device, using the hashtag associated with your campaign.

They will immediately receive the welcome message you set in Registration and Confirmation Messages along with the URL that takes them to their campaign portal.

But what if they make a mistake? As long as they had your ConveYour number right, the SMS Catch-All will catch them. They still get added to your contacts, and you are immediately alerted to them reaching out to you. It will also be clear in their message that they have entered something incorrectly. The catch-all program, catches them sends a response for you, and you can go in and associate them with the correct campaign.

Using the Hashtag to Test Your Campaign

Try it on your own - sign up for, and test your own campaigns using this method. That way you get to experience the course from the learner point of view! It's great for troubleshooting, and testing your welcome messaging.

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