How the SMS Catchall Feature Works in ConveYour

What is it?

The catch-all feature is a way to respond to incoming SMS messages from unknown contacts. For example, say that you are speaking to a group, or at employee orientation, and you want them to sign-up for a training course you have created using the hashtag method. The audience would send a text message to your ConveYour number, and include the hashtag that you have set up in your follow-up campaign.

But what if someone makes a typo along the way? As long as they've got the ConveYour number right, the Catchall feature grabs them and puts them into your contact list anyway.

For example: If you prompted the audience to send the message with the hastag "#followup" to your ConveYour number, and an audience member misunderstood and typed "#followyou" instead - they would not be associated with the follow-up campaign you intended.

The catchall feature catches them and puts them into your contact list, as a function of your default campaign.

You will be notified via email, that you have been contacted through the system. You can respond to them, or have a guest user or admin respond to them in conversations to make sure they get into their desired follow-up campaign.

And, if you click on their contact name to view their profile, you can see that they have joined in this way by looking at their activity feed:

The ConveYour activity feed.

Why do we have this?

We wanted to make it extremely easy for people to start collecting leads via text.

ConveYour has features for joining campaigns via hashtags, and we also have ways to join using tag groups. We wanted to make sure that we had a way to respond to people that randomly send in text messages, or, because we are human, to catch people who maybe made a simple typo.

Start the Conversation, Using Your ConveYour Number Only

What if you just want to start a conversation, and get a prospect or new potential customer into your contact list so that you can start corresponding?

Offer your ConveYour number - ask them to send you a text, and not only are the added to your list of contacts automatically, you get notified via email, and can follow up right away.

"If you have any questions at all just send me a text to this number and I'll follow up..." and you provide them your ConveYour account texting number. The catch-all feature grabs their message, notifies you, and you can respond in kind.

That's how easy it is for you to start capturing leads into your ConveYour from the stage or during informal trainings/presentations. In this case, there are no specific hashtags to use or anything. Just send me a text to this #.

In addition, they don't get your personal mobile # so you can keep business and personal separate.

What's the Default Campaign?

The default campaign is the system that manages this catch-all feature. For more information on using your Default Campaign, and even how to set an automated response that's sent to people who are joined as a contact using the catch all feature, view the information provided by following a link below:

Default Campaign Information